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A collection of links and things for reference purposes. (Will be cleaned up eventually but right now they’re just pasted in from a series of emails.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 3:08 PM

Here is a collection of all the good guides and tools I’ve found so far. I’ve included all of them that seem to still be active and aren’t designed like trash. Also, I’ve organized them but there is some overlap because many of them contain multiple tools. (I’ve put asterisks next to the ones you should definitely check out first.)




Ship Builders

https://coriolis.io/ ***


Maps and Navigation

https://www.edsm.net/ ***






https://inara.cz/ ***


Other Tools

https://eddb.io/ ***



Wednesday, July 8, 2020 10:29 AM

A few more links and things. First, systems we might call home. Then, more apps.

Here is a list of systems within 100ly of Dromi that are Alliance affiliated with high tech markets (more/better ships and components):

  • Nuakea
  • Ross 490
  • CE Bootis
  • Xi Ursae Majoris*
  • Oshepra*
  • Mabe
  • LHS 350
  • Parjanya*
  • Leesti*
  • 45 c Bootis*
  • Ross 835

* My favorites.

The capital of the Alliance is Alioth. You need a permit to enter that system. To get it, you must become allied with the Alioth Independents faction. The best system to do that in is 78 Ursae Majoris, which is 82ly from Sol (for what that’s worth).

More links:


Trade Route Planner

http://www.elitedangeroustrading.com/ (not as feature rich as the eddb one, but still good)


Extra Apps

https://gameglass.gg/pages/elite-dangerous (control ship features from your phone)

https://voiceattack.com/ (control ship features with your voice)

http://elitedangerousvoicepack.com/ (a voice pack for the above app)

http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm (face tracking for looking around in your cockpit)

Saturday, July 11, 2020 8:09 PM

A few more Elite Dangerous links desktop application edition. (Again, I don’t expect you to go through all of these right away. It’s just nice to have them for when we need them.)

EDEngineer https://github.com/msarilar/EDEngineer
We don’t need this yet, but we might find it useful once we’re working on collecting engineering components.

EDDN https://github.com/EDCD/EDDN
This is not something we need personally, but it is the back end that almost all the other tools get their data from. It asks players to use one of a number of apps if they want to contribute data, which I think we should.

EDMarketConnector https://github.com/EDCD/EDMarketConnector
Speaking of contributing data to the EDDN, this app does that. It’s the simplest app you can use to contribute data. It runs in the background and does nothing else. (It can also connect and send data to a number of other tools we might someday use. I’m installing this one right now.)

EDDiscovery https://github.com/EDDiscovery/EDDiscovery
This is a desktop application that shows you so, so much information about everything around you in Elite Dangerous. You can also use it to issue commands back into the game from a second computer or a phone or tablet or something like that. Looks really neat. I’ll probably try it out sometime, but not right away. (It can also upload data to the EDDN, so it would replace the previous app, probably.)

Trade Dangeroushttps://github.com/eyeonus/Trade-Dangerous
This is a python scrip that can generate very, very intricate and optimized trade routes. (There is also a front end for it here.) Very interested in giving this a go at some point.

EDRefCard https://edrefcard.info/
This one isn’t an app. It’s a website that can generate a custom control reference sheet. Might be handy to have up on the second monitor for figuring out what button to press for those less used commands. (I’m having a hard time finding which .binds file is the one I’m using so I’ll mess with this more later. In the meantime, I’ve attached reference image that shows what all the buttons on the T16000MFCS HOTAS are named.)

Sunday, July 17, 2020 4:38 PM





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