Jacob Densford

Shanghai Royale


A card game using standard Shanghai rules with the following exceptions:

Elimination Rules

Choose one or more elimination rules before the game begins. If playing with multiple rules, decide the order in which the eliminations are prioritized.


Players are eliminated for having more points than the number of completed hands times eighty-five.

Highest Score

Players with the highest scores are eliminated at a rate that leaves the appropriate number of players playing the last hand.

Sudden Death

All players caught are eliminated.

Alternative Rules

Choose none, one, or a combination of alternative rules before the game begins.

Bank Your Buys

Everyone has two buys each hand. Unused buys roll over to subsequent hands.

Blade of Fools

Jokers may be played face up and sideways in front of a player at any time, each increasing that player’s points gained that hand by 20.

Corrected Hand Order

The order of hands is: 2S, 2R, 1S1R, 2S1R, 1S2R, 3S, 3R.

Down is Out

As soon as one player goes down, the hand is over.

Endless Eliminations

Eliminations continue even after players have been reduced to the normal final amount.

Everyone Plays

Play continues until everyone has had at least one turn.

Extra Hand

An extra hand is added at the end: 2S2R.

Final Deck

Rather than playing down to two decks and the corresponding number of players, the game is played down to one deck and the corresponding number of players.

Fool’s Protection

Jokers may be played face up in front of a player at any time, each reducing the points gained that hand by 20.

Half Game

Only play the first four hands.

Last Hand

When only the final players remain, the first to go down wins the game.

No Funny Business

Jokers are not used.

Persistent Jokers

Jokers remain in the game, even after the rest of their deck is removed.

Quantum Aces

Aces can be high or low, connecting kings to twos.

Three’s a Crowd

Rather than using one deck per two players and ending the game with four players, use one per three and end the game with six.

Variable Contract

Each player may go down with any hand, as long as they haven't gone down with it yet during the current game.

Suggested Decks