Empire & Flame




Adwin was a noble and businessman from Wafelt.

Alys Aelen

Alys was the Lord Mayor of Mistcrown until being forcibly ejected after the discovery that she has made a deal of surrender with the Sinless forces.


Anfled was the prioress of the Temple of the Sisters in Mistcrown.


A young Fallionese girl who had a broken doll.


Ashanti was a human woman and a Fighter. She was a captain in the Endoranian army.

Balasar Baharoosh

Balasar was a human wizard who lived in the town of Mistcrown.


Bertio was a blacksmith in Mistcrown. Before that, he served in the Endoranian army. He was tried and found guilty for the murder of an Endoranian soldier, but he was later released in exhange for his help preparing the army's weapons for the Battle of Mistcrown.


Billy was a farmer in the Mistfields around the town of Mistcrown. He served temperarily in the Endoranian army during the Battle of Mistcrown.


Birtha was an old witch who lived in a hut in the forest just north of Bafeld.


Crow, who's real name was Matep, was a tiefling who was blinded by the same sorceress who blinded Ravyn.


Cuthbeorht was an apprentice blacksmith in the town of Mistcrown. He aided Bertio in preparing the Endoranian army's weapons for the Battle of Mistcrown.

Edric Almson


Edric Almson was the king of Endoran.

Elyn Richye

Elyn was an antique merchant in the town of Mistcrown. She was originally from Yondar.

Ewis Aelstard

Ewis was a lord in Mistcrown who was imprisoned after it was discovered he was working with the Cultists of the Red Dawn.


Frytha was a young girl and member of Hugo's thieving guild.


Garakas was a barbed devil who had jammed open a doorway between the hells and the mortal realm. The Mistguard defeated him and destroyed his hellish tower.

Harol Hamezir

Monk of the Blind Fist.

Hawada Mustafa

Proprietor of the Thirst Monk in Pandara.


Hugo was a young boy and former member of the Black Court in Mistcrown who later went on to form his own thieving guild after being kicked out of the Black Court for attempted murder. He would come to be known as the Shadow Walker.

Isilynor Aejre

A paladin of the goddess Sune.

Jane Ceray

A Fallionese woman who sacrificed her life at the Mirror Lake to bring her daughter back.


Former member of Merla's crew.


An old man from Turtle's Rest in Yondar, cursed by the Aboleth, freed by the Mistguard.


Lilly was a giant from the Mistcloak Mountains. Her family was tricked and murdered by Nishanesti's Sinless.


A wizard who was the headmaster of the wizard's college in Pandara.


The leader of the Yondarian Herdsfolk from the plains in western Yondar.



Nishanesti was the empress of the Far Sea Archipelago.

Pleurotus Cornucopoides

Pleurotus was the Primus Mycelia of the myconid colony beneath the ground in Endoran.

Potter Jones

Potter is the leader of the Black Court in Mistcrown.



Quelbea was a dryad who embodied the northernmost forest in Endoran. After the Mistguard cleansed her forest, she promised they would always have a friend in the woods.


Ralxire was a bearded devil who made a deal with the Mistguard, one which they broke.


Sartur was a giant and a cleric of the goddess Othea. Her soul was encased in her skull to guide all those who came seeking knowledge.


Sig was a hunter and member of the Order of the Third Moon. He tried to recruit The Four to his order, but they declined.

Sybella Ceray

Jane's once dead daughter who was rised back to life at the Mirror Lake.


Tane was a noble and businessman from Wafelt.



Tewondros was the brother of Nishanesti.



Wendimu was the sister of Nishanesti.

Zalabor the Multicolored

Zalabor was a powerful wizard that lived long ago, during the time of the second cataclysm.



The city of Aelmore was the capital of the Kingdom of Endoran and the seat of King Edric Almson. Though it was situated far from any waterway, all trade coming to or from Endoran passed through the city before continuing on.

Alliance of the Five Domains

Alliance of the Five Domains

Generations earlier, the five kingdoms of the continent ended the Great War by signing a treaty that formed the Alliance of the Five Domains and stipulated the construction of the locks system that would bind the kingdoms together, in travel and in trade. Each kingdom ruled itself independently but was prohibited from passing any laws or decrees that would inhibit free trade and travel between the domains. Once every five years, the leaders of each domain met to make decisions that would affect the whole continent.


Bafeld is a small logging village in Endoran. The village is a tangle of alleys and row buildings. It is governed by a mayor, a man named Mathye, appointed by the Lord Mayor of Mistcrown. Bafeld is the home of a legendary hero, a female priest named Sane.


The Kingdom of Ellandon was the richest kingdom in the Alliance of the Five Domains. It was the first kingdom to fall to Empress Nishanesti and her armies.


Western Endoran

Endoran was the smallest kingdom of the Alliance of the Five Domains. The only landlocked kingdom with few exports, it was ruled by King Edric Almson from the capital city of Aelmore. Because of its lack of exports and seeming insignificance, the locks system that runs the length of the Alliance ends just as it enters the domain, forcing travel and trade to move more slowly across land. Many considered Endoran to be the least important of the five domains. Most Endoranians would have agreed, preferring a quiet life to one of continental significance.


Fallion was a kingdom in the Alliance.

Far Sea

The Far Sea was the body of water to the east of the continent, beyond which was the Far Sea Archipelago.

Far Sea Archipelago

Little was known about the Far Sea Archipelago, other than that it was where Empress Nishanesti, her siblings, and her armies came from.


The coastal city of Llanaga was the capital of the Kingdom of Ellandon and the seat of King Surtur. Its grand, white quartzite structures extended from the cliffs inland. The populace got poorer the closer one went to sea level and the bay. At least, that was the state of things before Empress Nishanesti, her siblings, and her armies arrived.


Minaldar was a kingdom in the Alliance.



The sleepy town of Mistcrown sat atop a hill. The lowland fields surrounding the town were perpetually cloaked in fog. Mistcrown used to be rich and prosperous, at least by Endoranian standards. But when the stretch of the Emerald River beside which the town was built all but dried up, most of the town's wealth went with it.


Ostoria was the capital city of a kingdom of giants that spanned the continent before the second cataclysm buried it far beneath the ground.



The capital city of Yondar and the oldest city in the Alliance.

Turtle's Rest

A small fishing village on the edge of the Mirror Lake in the kingdom of Yondar.


Wafeld is a small logging village in Endoran. The village sits in the shadows of the ruins of a civilization long past. It is governed by a council of wealthy landowners, whose weekly meetings often turn into drunken brawls.


Yondar was the northern most kingdom in the Alliance.


The Black Court

The Black Court was a group of thieves that operated in and around Mistcrown. They were made up of mostly children.

The Cult of the Red Dawn

The Order of the Third Moon

The Sisters of the Moons

Historical Events

The First Cataclysm

The Second Cataclysm

The Great War

Signing of the Alliance Treaty

Invasion from the Far Sea

Battle of Mistcrown


In Ana

Na’an Sin


Othea was one of the giant's many gods. She was worshipped before memory of such things was lost below the ground during the Second Cataclysm.


Sune was the goddess of light. She was said to manifest in the physical realm as the sun, shining down on the faithful by day. Her domains were light, beauty, goodness, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, hope, love, laughter, art, joy, and courage.

The goddess Sune had three children: In Ana, Na'an Sin, and Mishakal.


Mishakal was the goddess of healing and new life. She was said to manifest in the physical realm as the first moon, the largest and oldest sister of the three, Utu Sham.


There were seven months in a year, each with forty-nine days:

There were five days in a week, each named after one of the kingdoms in the Alliance of the Five Domains:


There were three moons in those days: Utu Sham (also called Mishakal), Na’an Sin, and In Ana.


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