Empire & Flame

Campaign Journal

Part I: Empire


Everyone knows the Clouded Cauldron has the best ale in Mistcrown, if not all of Endoran. Even those just passing through town quickly hear of the tavern's reputation for fine drink. Though one must navigate through the East District and cross the Black Bridge to reach it, all who visit agree it is worth the trip.

The proprietor of the Clouded Cauldron is a stern older woman named Hilde. She has long gray hair tied back in a braid that swishes back and forth as she strides competently from table to table, making sure to great each new arrival with the offer of ale and a room for the night.

Tonight, the Clouded Cauldron is especially busy. Soldiers sent forth from Aelmore to gather recruits from across Endoran have stopped through town on their way back to the capital, undisciplined new recruits in tow.

You find yourself sat at a crowded table near the back of the tavern, uncomfortably far from the hearth and the bar. Still, your mug never runs dry and you have your fill of mistfield pheasant pie. Things could be worse.

Ellanday, the 30th day of Growing, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Four first met at the Clouded Cauldron. Little is known about this first meeting, other than the fact that none of them seemed to care for each other. It wasn't friendship that first brought The Four together. For one, it was curiosity and the desire for ale. For another, it was nothing more than a gut feeling. For a third, it was duty and honor. For the last, it was the promise of treasure.

Chapter 1: Dungeons & Dragons

A jagged field of ash stretches into the distance.

Three blood red moons hang heavily in the twilight sky, drifting ever closer to the crimson horizon.

Before you, a lone figure draped in shadow sits atop a black stallion wreathed in flame.

The wind blows hot and dry. It chaps the skin of your already cracked and bleeding face. You've been here before. Or perhaps you never left. Is this home? Or is it hell? Is there even a difference?

The earth quakes. Your mount whinnies and tosses his head impatiently beneath you, drawing the attention of the other mounted figure. He turns towards you. In the carmine glow, he reveals his sinister smile.

Someone approaches from behind. Turning, you see two more mounted figures arrive. Are these three friend or foe? Before you can decide, one rides right up beside you. The figure reaches towards you, boney hand protruding from beneath a black cloak.

A single finger grazes your cheek, sending an icy shock down your spine.

You feel yourself yanked free from your body, your spirit hurled into the air. You fly higher and higher.

Looking down, you see the four figures riding abreast towards the setting moons. In their wake, the ash churns and births forth flame and abomination onto the land.

You can no longer bare to watch.

You look away

And then all is cast in darkness.

Yonday, the 31st day of Growing, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Four each sought Balasar the wizard for different reasons. They didn't know it at the time, but it was design more than chance that brought them together that day, where they met outside the wizard's tower.

The wizard's tower was one of the tallest buildings in Mistcrown. At only four stories high, that wasn't saying much. It had been finely constructed by local artisans at Balasar's specific directions, with hammered bronze details and several ornate stained glass windows. Though Balasar was friendly and often maked appearances at local functions, few had ever entered his tower, which surely contained many closely guarded secrets.

Davos was a washed up wizard. Once he had been one of the greatest of his order. But now, he was haunted by his past. He didn't recall at the time why he was so upset with the other wizard Balasar, but he knew that he was, so he stood shouting up at his tower. He had been passing through Mistcrown for no particular reason other than the fact that the last town he was in had thrown him out, and Mistcrown was the next town down the road.

Bree, having heard Davos was planning on visiting the wizard, and hoping she could steal some valuable items from the wizard's tower, lurked nearby in the shadows. She had always hoped a score this big would come her way, but didn't think she would get the opportunity in a town as humble as Mistcrown.

Ravyn was cursed to live as an tiefling, though she did her best to hide it. She was in Mistcrown because her instincts told her she should be here. She had always followed her gut. It had served her well as a criminal and a thief. And, though she had left that life behind her, she still trusted her instincts. Once she'd seen the wizard's tower, she knew she had to get in and speak to the wizard. Though she didn't know why, her instincts told her it was important.

Ilgiem was blessed to live life as an aasimar. Though at times he felt unworthy of that blessing, especially after the debacle that had ended his military career and cost many lives, he did his best not to show it, which made him seem proud and boastful to most. He was in Mistcrown because Ravyn was. The two were inseparable, even if sometimes they could hardly stand each other.

Fed up with waiting for Balasar to answer his door, Davos took matters into his own hands. A spell or two later and he was storming inside, followed closely by Bree. Ravyn and Ilgiem, seeing it as their opportunity to get to the wizard, followed behind. But once inside, a trap was sprung. The doors through the vestibules shut and sealed, and the chamber began to fill with water.

Davos passed out and had an unsettling vision, which has been transcribed at the beginning of this chapter. Ilgiem revived him before he drowned facedown in the rising water.

Ravyn managed to find the release valves for the water before the room finished filling, and Ilgiem and Bree turned them. Unfortunately, none of them notice the electrical trap embedded in the handles, so they all got quite a shock. Still, they managed to disable the water trap and enter the tower.

Once inside, they found a note addressed to Davos, telling him of Balasar's suspicion that the quakes and the Emerald River's disappearance were related, and of his discovery that Mistcrown had been built atop an ancient barrow. He requested Davos meet him down within the barrow. So Davos went, still intending to give the other wizard a piece of his mind. The others followed.

The air was still and stale down within the barrow, having been left undisturbed for centuries at least. The walls and ceilings were made of uncut, stacked stone. Candles lined the passage, long since burnt to nubs, their wax having dripped down the rough walls and hardened into stalactites. Alcoves were piled with stacks of bones. Skulls stared up at the four with unseeing eye sockets. Beyond the light from the crack in Balasar's cellar, the barrow was cloaked in complete darkness.

Davos cast a spell and his staff burst with illumination, lighting his way. Though he and Bree searched, they failed to find the obvious directions Balasar had left for Davos to follow. Instead, the followed a different trail

The scraping footprints led them twisting and turning through the barrow until they entered a room. A dead end. That was when the owners of the prints attacked. Reanimated skeletons wielding ancient blades rushed them. But The Four were no commoners. They easily dispatched the foes with a few well placed spells and swings of their blades.

Backtracking, they caught sight of a new set of footprints. These ones were definitely left by booted feet. Surely, they thought, they were on the right track.

They were not.

The booted prints led them once again twisting and turning through the barrow. And, once again, they entered a dead end room. Though this one was larger and more ornate than the one before. It was held aloft by stacked pillars. At its head was a raised platform and a sarcophagus. Upon entering the room, the lid of the sarcophagus slid free, and a large skeleton draped in a fine robe and wearing ornate boots, stepped out. Two more skeletons materialized from the shadows behind the first.

This encounter proved to be more challenging for The Four. Davos cast a spell. Eshanti charged in, warhammer raised above her head, and smashed the sarcophagus to pieces--the large skeleton would never again find rest, whether or not The Four found victory that day. Ravyn leaped through the air with her daggers. And Ilgiam brought his halberd to bare. They emerged victorious.

The Four took a well deserved rest, mending their wounds and investigating the nature of the fine robe and ornate boots. Ravyn stepped into the boots, which spewed purple smoke from within. Once donned, the Vainglorious Boots sang in her mind, requesting compliments and the promise of glory, which Ravyn provided. Davos picked up the robe. Instantly, it changed to black, which was the color he had been thinking of. He found that any color he imagined while holding the robe caused it to respond in kind. The robe also mended itself, and showed itself to have preservative properties. It was the Color Changing Robe of Preservation.

Searching around the room, Ilgiam located a hidden lever within the rubble of the sarcophagus. He pulled the lever to reveal a secret passage. The passage lead to winding stair, which Davos promptly tumbled down. The rest of The Four followed, deeper and deeper into the barrow. As they delved, The Four noticed small tunnels burrowed into the walls of the passage. They were covered in scratch marks and looked much newer than the burrows themselves.

Ahead, there was a crack in the wall, much like the crack they had entered through in Balasar's cellar. A rat appeared in the crack. At first, it seemed to be a normal rat. But after an investigation by Davos and some divine magic by Ilgiam, it was determined that it was no ordinary rat. It was a fell beast. And evil creature. Having been made, it scurried away.

The Four entered through the crack and found themselves in a smooth, natural cave tunnel, almost tall enough to stand in. Lower and narrower newly carved passages lead off to the sides. Sputtering torches were affixed to the walls at seemingly random intervals, casting most of the tunnel in dim light.

Surely Balasar had come this way.

The Four traveled through the cavern, easily finding Balasar's trail. But it wasn't long before Bree was tempted away from the group by the sighting of a gold coin at the entrance of a small side passage. She squeezed her way through the passage, finding coin after coin, until the tunnel opened up into a chamber. Within, three barrels of cold and jewels sat. Atop the hoard sat three diabolical golden bars, surely cursed.

Before Bree could make the mistake of taking some of the treasure, Davos squeezed his way through the passage and tried to stop her. But the little thief could not be swayed. She touched the gold and became cursed. She drove into one of the barrels of gold, surrounding herself jealously with riches she was would never truly posses. Davos recognized the curse for what it was and knew if he could only get Bree far enough away from the treasure she would recover. He cast a sleeping spell upon her and pulled her out of the chamber and back to the others. Where it not for Davos's intervention, she would have surely perished.

Back on track, the Four followed Balasar's trail until it reached a fork in the tunnel, passing (and killing) several frozen solid kobolds on the way. Three passages. Balasar had clearly taken the first, but to the right, desperate sounds of a captive could be heard. They considered continuing on, for their quest was feeling more and more urgent. But each of them was good at heart, despite what outward appearances might suggest.

The Four rescued a teenage farmer named Billy. They fought their way through a horde of Kobolds and reached the chasm that had opened up in the ground and swallowed the Emerald River. Ilgiem nearly fell to his death, but Davos cast a featherfall spell and carried them all down safely to the chasm floor. There, they fought a group of steam mephits, and only barely survived. After a short rest, they finally found Balasar, who asked them to help him defeat a group of devils and rescue a woman who was about to be sacrificed. Unexpectedly, there was a massive horned devil who collapsed the tunnel from which they had entered the lava-filled chamber. Balasar teleported himself and the devil away, leaving The Four to defeat the remaining imps, which they did. After rescuing the captive, they followed Balasar through his sending runes. On the other side, they found themselves in a cave facing a bronze dragon. Balasar had transformed into the dragon and defeated the horned devil. He told The Four that there was more evil at work in the world than just Nishenisti and her Sinless army. He said he had to seek answers but asked The Four to return to Mistcrown and serve the city in his stead.

Chapter 2: In the Halls of the Black Court

You stand alone atop a tower that affords a wide view of the distant obsidian mountains, their tops blown open, lava flowing freely down their sides.

You stand alone atop a tower, heavily booted feet planted on hard stone, gauntleted hands resting on the parapet.

You stand alone atop a tower, looking down at your gathered army. Vile, defiled, unspeakable creatures assembled at your command. Their numbers are so great that they stretch from the base of your tower into the horizon.

Yes. Your tower. Of course it is your tower. Why shouldn't it be? Why shouldn't all of this be yours? The assembled army and all the land, from horizon to horizon.

Several pairs of footsteps on the winding stair tell you you are no longer alone. Turning, you see three darkly cloaked figures joining you. They smile gleefully. They smile wickedly. Are these three friend or foe? You decide it doesn't matter, as long as you can use them for your own ends.

One steps forward from the rest, reaching a finger towards you that is barely more than bone. The finger touches your forehead and fills you with an icy chill. Suddenly, you are ripped free from your body, your spirit hurled into the air. You fly higher and higher, faster and faster.

Looking down, you see four figures atop a tower, gazing out over a field of unspeakable creatures that stretches from horizon to horizon.

You can no longer bare to look.

You squeeze your eyes shut.

And then all is cast in darkness.

Ellanday, the 35th day of Growing, in the 371st year of the Alliance

It had been four days since the Four had been teleported back to the wizard's tower. Four days since, at Balasar's urging, requesting an audience with the Lord Mayor of Mistcrown. On that forth day, Lord Mayor Alys Aelen finally granted them an audience. She needed help solving a series of murders that had taken place in the city. The Four, after combing Mistcrown for clues and interrogating all relevant parties, managed to discover that the answers to the mystery weren't as simple as the Lord Mayor had hoped. One of the "murders" had been an accident. Another, a crime of passion. The third, a man trying to stay hidden. But the forth had been a gruesome ritual killing; that was the most troubling one. During the course of the investigation, another local noble went missing. The Four tracked the missing person to a Lord Ewis Aelstard's estate. There, they found the missing person restrained and about to be the victim in a devilish ritual. The Four stopped the ritual, but not before a fight ensued with a group of Red Dawn cultists, which the four managed to win. The Four began to be known as the Heroes of Mistcrown.

Chapter 3: In the Footsteps of Giants

You sit atop a throne of obsidian. Nails affixed into the seat and back press into your bony flesh.

A grand hall stretches around you. Black stone. Black pillars. A wicked fresco painted on the domed ceiling.

Statues line the walls, idols of all those who came before, all those who failed.

You are not like them. You will not fail.

A trembling man kneels before you. He is robed in red, with a red circle painted on his forehead. Lines of sweat drip from his brow, carrying streaks of paint down his face. A pathetic worm. A craven fool. But a necessary servant.

He has just finished recounting his failure, though you find that you can't remember what he had said. It is as if you only just arrived, yet you know you've been sitting here for hours. You can tell by the dull ache of the nails piercing your back and thighs.

A thought forms unbidden in your mind.

It is not yet time, my chosen one.

Your hand reaches up towards your face, beyond your control. Your finger presses against your forehead, sending a cold shock down your spine.

You are hurled free from your body, launched up into the air. You pass through the domed ceiling and out into the infinite night.

Looking down, you see a grand and horrible castle surrounded by a mote of lava. Beyond that, a cursed city, fields of putrid grain, a landscape of dread and despair inhabited by the internally damned.

You can't bare to look any longer.

You squeeze your eyes shut.

And then all is cloaked in darkness.

Ellanday, the 1st day of Reaping, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Four attended the Festival of Reaping, won and lost some games, and had their fortunes read. During the evening celebration, the main tent was attacked by Sinless assassins who were after the Four. After interrogating one, they learned that giants were marching down from the mountains, through the shattered hills, and towards the logging town of Wafeld. The Four set off with all haste. On the road, they battled some owlbears and met a sinister figure called only Sig. The man offered to initiate the Four into the Order of the Third moon, but they declined. Reaching Wafeld, they discovered that they were too late. The town had all but been destroyed by giants. Not a single soul left alive now a building left standing except for the local lords' keep. Inside, The Four found Adwin and Tane, who had locked themselves away when the attack started, refusing help to everyone else in the town. The Four forced the nobles to dig graves and burry the dead as penance, then set off to track the giants across the Shattered Hills. They found a giant's camp, but the giants were dead. They had been slain by sinless assassins. The Four found evidence that the Sinless had tricked the giants into attacking the town, and that the sinless were camped further to the west. Continuing on, the four came across a giant still living, the daughter of the two dead. They befriended the giant, whose name turned out to be Lilly, and used her to speed them towards the Sinless camp and defeat them soundly. In the camp, they learned that the entire Sinless Army was marching through the Whitecloak mountains, with plans to turn east and march on Mistcrown. Davos sent his spiritual owl Oren to warn the town ahead of The Four, and then they set out at all haste. But before they had gone far, the ground open up and swallowed them into the depths.

Chapter 4: City of Giants

Dark walls press in around you, dripping with the blood of all those whose secrets you have pried free.

Chains, spikes, and other unspeakable implements of torture decorate the room. Your tools. Your instruments.

A man stands defiantly before you; eyeless, earless, and tongueless. Even in his sin, even after hours of pain, he refuses to kneel.

Still, you feel yourself smile. You finally have one of them. Long have you waited. You knew it was only a matter of time. Even she cannot keep them all sinless forever.

Though the man cannot speak, you can hear his thoughts. And he directs them at you.

"One of them is with you now, aren't they?" He asks with a sneer. You can tell he already knows the answer.

He is right, of course. You are of two minds. You must banish the other before you begin your symphony. You wouldn't want them learning too much before the time is right.

Whose thoughts are these inside your head? Not yours. You share this body with someone else. This other someone lifts your hand and presses your finger against your forehead, sending a cold chill down your spine. For a moment, you fight it. But this other is too powerful. You are ripped free from your body and hurled into the air.

You pass through blood and stone. Through chamber after chamber.

You hear the millions of screams of all those who dwell in this foul dungeon.

You see their wailing faces as you ascend.

You bare it for as long as you can.

Then all is darkness.

Endday, the 5th day of Reaping, in the 371st year of the Alliance

Chapter 5: Aelmore has Fallen

Aelmore has fallen.

After the southern kingdoms of Ellandon, Fallion, and Minaldar gave way to the sinless army, Nishanesti set her sights to the north. Her armies marched against Endoran and the capital city of Aelmore. Though they fought valiantly, her might proved too great for King Edric Almson and his troops to resist. They were forced to retreat up the Emerald Road.

Now, only Mistcrown stands between Nishanesti and the northernmost kingdom of Yondar. However, since Yondar is peaceful and sparsely populated, her success there would be almost assured. And so the fight for the Alliance of the Five Domains will be decided on the mistfields.

Will King Edric Almson and his army prove victorious? Or will Nishanesti defeat them and rule all? The fate of the continent will be decided in the coming days. It may very well rest in the hands of The Four.

Will they defeat empires?

Will they conquer flames?

Yonday, the 7th day of Reaping, in the 371st year of the Alliance

Chapter 6: Last Stand of the Alliance

Endday, the 10th day of Reaping, in the 371st year of the Alliance

Part II: Rebellion

Chapter 7: Two Sides to Every Coin

Yonday, the 3rd day of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

After spending the month of Reaping working, crafting, and researching, the Mistguard encountered several signs pointing them towards the kingdom of Yondar. First, Bree learned that her mother always longed to visit the Yondar Steppes. Then, Ravyn received a letter from an old teacher asking her to travel to his monastery in the capital city of Pandara. Finally, a group of Fallionese refugees led by a woman named Jane request escort to the Mirror Lake. The Mistguard decide to bow to fate and head to Yondar.

Not long after departing with the Fallionese caravan north along the Emerald Road, it is discovered that Hugo and his Shadow Steppers had secreted themselves away among the Fallionese. After securing promises that they wouldn't do anything thieving and would watch out for the children of the caravan, the Shadow Steppers were allowed to stay.

Passing the chasm that opened up to swallow the Emerald River, the Mistguard heard the distant sounds of construction deep within. They surmised that the Kobolds were building something, though they were unable to ascertain exactly what.

During the first night on the road, their camp is attacked by bandits, who turned out to be working for an Ellandonian merchant named Aeldher. They were after a powerful object that was in Jane's possession--The Two-Faced Coin. It was said that one who cast the coin in either the Mirror or Void Lake would have someone passed return to them or have an enemy drop dead. Jane had the coin in the hopes of resurrecting her deceased daughter, Sybella. After the loss of life at the coin's expense, Ravyn decides it best if she hold on to it.

An uneventful evening was spent in the logging village of Bafeld. In the morning, the group set out along the Lakeward Road, east towards Yondar. The forest to the north showed signs of blight. The Mistguard sent the Fallionese caravan on their way with the Shadow Steppers as their guard, and headed into the forest towards the heart of the blight. They encountered a fey creature crying in a protected grove, who beseeches them to seek the evil entity causing the blight. They agree, and Davos leaves behind his pet mouse to comfort the dryad. The Mistguard also stumble upon a walking and talking tree who, intentionally or not, tries to capture them within an enchanted chest. Thinking the four were inside, the tree takes the chest to the heart of the blight. There, a devil stands atop an ancient monument to Illgiem's goddess, Sune. Unable to restrain himself, Illgiem leaps into battle with the devil. The rest follow. Most nearly die by the end, but they manage to survive through quick thinking and force of will. But the devil is not defeated and they have only moments before it returns.

Chapter 8: To Hell and Back

Ellanday, the 7th day of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Mistguard fled, making all haste to Quelbea's protected glade. blighted vines grasped at them and devilish imps harassed them, but they managed to evade death and reach shelter. They rested in the glade and recovered their strength before returning to the place where they fought the barbed devil Garakas. This time, they defeated him handily, banishing him back to the nine hells. Illgiem's goddess, Sune, demanded he end the blight and sever the bridge Garakas had opened. With Quelbea's help, the Mistguard journey to hell. There they toppled Garakas's tower, severing the bridge and ending the blight. In thanks, Quelbea blessed their horses and promised they would always have a friend in the forest.

Chapter 9: Reflections

Yonday, the 18th of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Mistguard caught up with the Fallionese caravan and continued through the western plains of Yondar, traveling for ten days before reaching the area surrounding the Mirror Lake. They were attacked by bulettes, which they handily dispatched. They suspiciously ran into Sig again, who once again invited them to join the Order of the Third Moon. The Mistguard were slightly more receptive, accepting his magical feather and agreeing to meet with the group in Pandara. The Mistguard found and bathed in a sacred pool, angering a group of Yondarian herdsfolk who were hunting bulettes. Impressed by the Mistguard's defeat of the beasts, all was forgiven, and the Fallionese caravan joined the herdsfolk. All but Jane, who continued on with the Mistguard and the Shadow Steppers for a time.

The Mistguard and Jane reached the fishing village of Turtle's Rest, where they found suspicious, slippery, oddly fishlike residence. They cornered one named Jawad and, after healing the man and lifting his curse, convinced him to tell them what was going on. The Aboleth of the Mirror Lake had cursed and enthralled the people of the town. The Mistguard determined to free the town. They requisitioned riding turtles from Jawad and sent Jane back to circle around the lake with the Shadow Steppers. But before she left, Ravyn tossed her the magical two-faced coin. Jane, determined to resurrect her daughter, threw the coin into the mirror lake. Despite everyone trying to intercept the coin, it splashed into the water. Jane's daughter, Sybella walked out of the lake just in time to watch her mother drop dead. The Mistguard sent Sybella to join the Shadow Steppers, who had renamed themselves the Mist Steppers, and headed out into the lake.

Once on the water, the Aboleth pried at their minds, but all resisted. In the middle of the lake, Illgiem taunted the creature, prompting it to emerge from its watery depths and attack.

Chapter 10: Curses and Hard Truths

Minalday, the 19th of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Mistguard defeated and banished the abolith by removing the magical rings that tethered it to the material plane. Davos, Illgiem, and Ravyn put on the rings only to discover they were cursed. They returned to the village Turtle's Rest to discover that the curse there had been lifted. They caught up with Hugo and the Mist Steppers and continued on around the Mirror Lake until they reached the city of Pandara. There, they parted ways with the Mist Steppers and went to an inn called the Thirsty Monk.

They met a man named Janryc, who was drinking alone and despondent. They learned that he had been a companion to Merla, Bree's mother, up until very recently. They had been exploring the recently emerged tower to the east when Merla and the others sprung a trap. Janryc had fled and considers the rest dead. He gave bree her mother's battered satchel and journal, and told her that Potter Jones was her real father.

The next morning, Davos awoke to the horror of a missing finger and a tiny slithering aboleth in his bed.

The next day, the Mistguard went about the business they had in town.

Ravyn visited the monk Harol in the Monastery of the Blind Fist. There she met a boy named Crow who had also lost his sight at the hands of the same sorceress, but who had gained powers from the encounter. Harol suspects Ravyn may be able to unlock powers herself. He gives her a bracelet of polished turquoise beads to use as an arcane focus. She and Crow met up with Bree went to a poison shop, where Bree put the fear of the gods in he proprietor.

Illgiem visited the Temple of Sune. There he met an old friend, Isilynor, a fellow paladin. Isilynor shared his mission with Illgiem, to infiltrate the Order of the Third Moon on behalf of Sune to discover what they're up to and how they're blocking the goddess.

Davos visited the local wizard college where he met with the headmaster and old acquaintance, Lingenhall. He shared is work on the Book of Moot and Moog and requisitioned a lab where he could inspect the abolith, and destroy it. He also visited the Library of Pandara and discovered scraps of Zalabor's journal, which gave more clues pointing to the east, towards the wizard's long-buried but recently emerged tower.

On his way back to the Thirsty Monk, he was attacked by the Cult of the Red Dawn. He sent Orin for help while he held them off. The rest of the Mistguard arrived just in time and together they emerged victorious.

Chapter 11: Return of the Wizard

Falliday, the 25th of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Mistguard headed out into the Yondar Steppes, seeking Zalabor's tower. First, they had to cross the Void Lake. BLABLABLA. In the steppes, they were attacked by a pair of chimera. Emerging victorious, they continued on until they found the wizard's tower. It was jutting part of the way up out of the ground, and the only way in was the top. They scaled the tower and entered through its balcony. Once inside, they avoided traps and ventured down, through the tower and into the dungeons.

Chapter 12: Untitled

Minalday, the 29th of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

Episode 13: The Hunt

Falliday, the 35th day of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

The Mistguard must collect hair, teeth, nails, or skin from the four guests to use in their polymorph potions. They must also ensure those guests don't arrive to the banquet, which would cast suspicion on their disguises.Once at the banquet, they must steal Wendimu's necklace, which is rumored to contain a shard of the gemstone of creation.

Episode 14: Lightning Heart

Falliday, the 45th day of Falling, in the 371st year of the Alliance

After hearing rumors during their travels of the powers the heart of a behir possesses, the Mistguard continue on to the Three Gem Cavern in the hopes of slaying the beast.

Episode 15: Plumbing Problems

Falliday, the 1st day of Frosting, in the 372nd year of the Alliance (or the 1st Broken Year)

It is just after midnight on the first day of the new year. The Mistguard have stopped to camp about a half-day's ride from Aelmore.

Episode 16: Gathering Storm

Endday, the 2nd day of Frosting, in the 372nd year of the Alliance (or the 1st Broken Year)

The Mistguard seek to return to Pandara. But first, there is a hydra to defeat.

Episode 17: Mother

Minalday, the 5th day of Frosting, in the 372nd year of the Alliance (or the 1st Broken Year)

The Mistguard travels to the Snowcloak mountains, seeking aid from the giants.

Episode 18: Mother Continued

Yonday, the 12th day of Frosting, in the 372nd year of the Alliance (or the 1st Broken Year)

The Mistguard tracks the Mother and seeks her den, hoping to find Lilly and earn the giant's help.

Part III: Cataclysm

Episode 19: To Hells with You All

Endday, the 15th day of Frosting, in the 372nd year of the Alliance (or the 1st Broken Year)

The Mistguard seeks to rescue Illgiem from the Hells.

Episode 20: Madness and Temptation

???, the ?? day of ??, in the ??? year of the Alliance (or the ? Broken Year)

The Mistguard follows Nishanesti's star through the Hells, seeking to retrieve the gem of creation and defeat the Four Riders.

Episode 21: If You Wish Upon A Moon

???, the ?? day of ??, in the ??? year of the Alliance (or the ? Broken Year)

The Mistguard must fight their way through the four riders in order to reclaim the gem of creation and save the world.